Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Shall we take a peek at the things at my place this week?

First, craft time! I made some scrabble coasters, and I think they turned out pretty snazzy!

Flowers from Ben + Kate's wedding:

Hydrangeas outside my casa door.

More goodies from Kate's wedding. It's officially fall.

More home projects.

I found the two frames at Mercy House Thrift shop and gave them a face lift. 
Frame the ones you love?

The wall hanging on the left is a Ten Thousand Villages find - Indonesia!

A home for each piece of jewelry...
 and where I lay my little head to rest after my 12 hour shifts.

 PhotoWork station!

Wedding gift from Kate Bergey :)
Lavender, of course.


Anonymous said...

those coasters ARE awesome and your casa is so cute! you should show everyone your adorable and cozy living room. so glad you get to keep one of the lavender wreaths :)

Jess said...

Everything is adorable!