Thursday, May 29, 2008

Being Human.

Take joy in the un-rushed living.
In the unfolding.
It takes time to...

- - -

Words from about a year ago.

How much life takes you and spins you around into places, relationships, and events you never could have imagined. I wish I could peg the best of those moments. Because it always escapes you; the good moments escape you because you can't always see them when they're happening. Was today, this day, a good moment? Was this a memorable day? Not particularly, I think.

But maybe, just a few weeks down the road, I'll remember today for some reason and smile. The clear, breezy night splattered with beautiful stars? The hailstorm that sent the dog cowering under feet? Or maybe the quiet morning of sun and reading the Word as windchimes echoed beneath the holy words and stories.

Take joy in living unrushed and fully.

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