Tuesday, March 25, 2008


letting go

I'll spill out the words to bring my freedom:
You don't need me,
and I don't need you.

You are the confusion I leave in Cairo.
You are the sand wiped from my eyes in the desert.
You are the stone I throw in the Kineret.
You are the paper in the Kotel that is given to God.

I am leaving you
in the ways I only know how -
I am learning to be free
in a place that isn't home.
With great pain comes great choice:
to hold on...
or to let go.

I am releasing.
And I am reaching for the wilderness -
for the places that leave me with nothing and
Parched and tire,
I find a spring for my soul.
Oh Lord, Elo'im
my heart you have redeemed.

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